NHS Innovation Service business cards

NHS Healthcare Innovation Service Business Card

Blush Design Agency designed these business cards for NHS Innovation Service, an online hub supporting healthcare innovators to take their innovations from idea to adoption.

Blush collaborated with The NHS England team to create an engaging brand design for their newly formed division, The Innovation Service.

With this new service, people with healthcare innovations (ideas or inventions) can get expert guidance and direction in rolling the product out across NHS hospitals.

So, how does Blush Design Agency manage to create a memorable business card design that perfectly embodies the spirit of innovation? Read on.


Brand Image and Graphic Elements

Blush’s mission is to create a visually striking identity that’s harmoniously aligned with the NHS England brand.

Guided by the client’s vision, Rob Whyte, the creative director at Blush Design Agency explained, “The client was looking for a bold and energetic aesthetic for the new brand while maintaining the look and feel of NHS with a modern twist.”

“Through meetings and scoping sessions with key stakeholders and the communications team, we developed a vibrant tube-like graphic, symbolising movement and forward thinking.”

This unique graphic element can be seen across various branding materials, including business cards.

NHS Innovation Service_1


Typography and Colour Palette

Blush chose the sans serif font known as Frutiger to ensure brand consistency and adhere to NHS guidelines.

Not to mention, the font also has great legibility, which helps convey a sense of professionalism and reliability for the brand.

As for the striking colour palette, it’s so captivating that you just can’t help but give the business cards a second look!

Beyond their vibrancy, the flowing lines in vibrant pinks and purples suggest a sense of innovation and movement.

Rob stated that the users of the Innovation Service embark on an exciting journey with their idea, guided by experts for the best possible route forward to enable their innovation to be adopted within the healthcare system.

So, the colours needed to reflect this dynamic progression, capturing the essence of the service’s transformative mission.


Other Branding Materials

Besides the captivating business cards, NHS Innovation Service also went for a contemporary feel for their other branding materials.

For instance, a dark background was chosen to create a stark contrast with stylized photography, used for the posters and banners.

The idea is to place the innovators themselves at the forefront of the designs, set against backdrops of striking, 3-dimensional paths that symbolise their innovation journeys.


Printing of Business Cards

While the business card images you see here are mockups, we did ask Rob to provide some printing recommendations for an effective outcome.

He said, “I would suggest having the business cards printed on an uncoated paper stock.”

“A holographic foil should be applied to the ‘tube’ graphic to enhance the card’s overall visual impact.”

All in all, this is a dynamic and impressive business card design that’s sure to make a lasting impression!


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Designed by Blush Design Agency

For NHS Innovation Service

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