NaLua stationery business cards

NaLua Stationery Business Card

Arthur Sena designed these business cards for Nalua, a creative stationery company that offers uniquely designed planners and notebooks.

Nalua, which means “On the Moon”, has been in the stationery line for 6 years. Its core values are art, organization, and self-care, which are reflected in its products.

The planner, for example, helps with time management and self-care, while the personalised covers bring art in the form of unique illustrations.

That’s why it’s important for their business card design to convey the brand’s unique look and feel while breathing new life into the branding.

NaLua stationery branding


A Modern Rebranding

The goal of the rebranding is to create a visual identity that’s creative, modern and professional.

“We hope to create visual elements that are easy to communicate with Nalua’s target audience, establishing the connection between them and their applicability, without straying from the current standard,” Arthur said.

The business cards come in various versions, with different design elements and a variety of colours. However, they are all loyal to the core of the brand’s value.


Creative Logo Inspired by Mirror

The main concept was that the moon was used as a mirror.

“Since one of the brand’s main values is self-awareness, this idea symbolizes looking at oneself and within,” Arthur shared.

“This concept also inspired typography, with letters that mirror each other and have the same base shape.”

From the shape that was used to symbolise the mirror, the logotype “Nalua” was formed through the shapes formed through rotation, extension, etc., as seen in the image below.

Nalua stationery logo formation


A Modern Typography & Colour Palette

Other typefaces used in the visual identity are Raleway semibold and Raleway extrabold italic. They can be seen throughout the brand applications.

Raleway is a versatile sans serif typeface that can give off a sophisticated vibe while still being legible.

Speaking more about the support typography, Arthur said, “Raleway was chosen because I was looking for a sans-serif type that could transmit a modern and cool vibe with geometrical shapes. It ended up being a good fit with all of its styles and weights.”

“For the colour palette, the intention was to use a diverse and colourful palette that shouts out youth and freedom.”


Additional Graphic Elements

One of the interesting aspects of the business card design is the pattern design on the back of the card.

It’s clear that some of the elements were based on the logo itself, while some were created based on these main three shapes: the mirror, the circle/sphere, and the star.

Nalua stationery Graphic Formation

According to Arthur, Nalua’s repositioning was inspired by the concept of a mirror, as already mentioned above. So, this shape was well explored with a graphic element to make this concept even clearer.

As for the circle, it was chosen for its common shape among celestial objects, such as the moon and the sun. This form allowed the creation of some derivations.

And lastly, the star, which represents the sun (the centre of our solar system), is chosen as a supporting element to complete the concept.


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed on 16pt matte paper by Printi, an online printing company in Brazil.

“The spot UV was applied to the ‘Nalua’ logo and symbols, creating contrast and bringing a special look to the business cards,” Arthur added.


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Designed by Arthur Sena

Printed by Printi

For NaLua

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