Mux Analytics business cards

Mux Analytics Business Card

Linda Eliasen designed these business cards for Mux, an internet company that offers real-time performance monitoring and analytics for video streaming based in San Francisco, California.

“At Ueno, we were hired by Mux to help them rethink their brand and certain aspects of their product. I was tasked with the brand side of things!” Linda said.

“So the first thing I did was Google ‘Mux’, because I had no idea what that was. I also sat in on a lot of meetings with the founders of the company and asked them lots of questions, just to get a feel for them and what they stood for.”

After researching for the company name, Linda found out that Mux is short for ‘Multiplexer’.

“According to wikipedia, the function of a multiplexer, is combining multiple inputs into a single data stream (wiki!).”

“I saw lots of inspiring diagrams and images of notes and wires connecting to create something that *works*, as if by magic alone. I let those images inspire the logo by building the word MUX out of single pieces and ‘nodes’.”

“So the logo itself, is a single thing made from multiple pieces.”

In developing the color system, Linda took inspiration from the Mux and from the people who built the company.

“This Multiplexer thing felt electric to me — it’s a very lively process and I felt that it should translate through the colors on the site and in their identity.”

“The founders were just generally good natured people, and they have a very warm and humble vibe. I’ve never told them this before, but that’s why I branded them with pink and orange hues – it felt like the spirit and the aura of the company to me.”

“It was a huge departure from their previous identity, but they unanimously agreed on the colors and logo after a few rounds of iteration.”

Although Ueno wasn’t involved in the card-printing process, but the mockup provided is good enough to shed a light on what might have been for the brand’s visual identity, in which Linda designed with the components of the brand, in a way that felt true and inspired by what Mux stands for.

Designed by Linda Eliasen for Ueno

For Mux

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