Municipal Ballet of Sucre Business Card

Municipal Ballet of Sucre Business Card

Saul Lia Rios designed these business cards for Municipal Ballet of Sucre (Ballet Municipal de Sucre), a dance school located in Sucre, Bolivia.

This is a branding project with great cultural influences for Municipal Folkloric Ballet of Sucre.

The main objective of the dance school is to preserve the culture and traditions of Bolivia, including its roots and music so that they may stand the test of time.

“In conjunction with its upcoming 30th anniversary, it is the perfect time to establish a new identity that’s unique, modern and optimized in the national artistic environment,” Saul said.

“We also designed a series of illustrations inspired by the most iconic costumes, patterns, accessories and elements.”

Municipal Ballet of Sucre Business Card FrontMunicipal Ballet of Sucre logotype


Inspirations Behind the Logo, Patterns & Typography

According to Saul, the construction of the logo was based on the structure and layout of the textures and figures represented in the Jalq’a fabrics called Khurus.

It is hand-embroidered by women weavers from District 8 of the Municipality of Sucre, Bolivia.

Jalq'a fabric ConceptMunicipal Ballet of Sucre Business Card Patterns

A custom typeface was also developed on the same grid of the initials ‘BM’ of the logo called BM Typeface that consists of four variants of weight and style, accompanied by a second typeface, Matahari Sans.

Since Jalq’a fabric is made by interlacing black and red threads to create unique patterns, hence similar colours were also used for the visual identity.

These business cards were offset-printed on 300gr thick paper without laminating or embossing effects.

At the same time, vertical layout was chosen in order to give a unique twist and for that memorable impact!

Municipal Ballet of Sucre Business Card 2Municipal Ballet of Sucre stationeryBM Typeface TrilineMunicipal Ballet of Sucre Color paletteMunicipal Ballet of Sucre ButtonsMunicipal Ballet of Sucre bags

Designed by Saul Lia Rios at S7 Design

For Municipal Ballet of Sucre (Ballet Municipal de Sucre)

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