Mother Owl Baby Products Business Card

Ana Stoyanova designed these business cards for Mother Owl, a branding project for baby products and clothes.

“The inspiration behind the idea was my sister, who was 3 months pregnant when I started working on this personal project (and she’s in 8th month now).”

“Anyway, back then I researched a lot about baby products, and found out that here, in Bulgaria, most of the brands offer baby products that come in plastic packaging. They aren’t biodegradable and a lot of the products aren’t natural.”

A few variants were created for the card’s back design using owl illustration as the design pattern.

“Bulgaria is a country that’s famous with its large production of rose oil, marigold and honey. More and more people are looking for natural solutions and want to take the best care of their baby.”

“I thought that the name ‘Mother Owl’ fits perfectly, as mothers are caring whereas the owls are smart creatures.”

“Also, when a woman is expecting a baby, she starts cleaning her house spontaneously, which resembles the birds preparing the family nest.”

These business cards aren’t printed yet, but if they were, Ana suggested, “If one day someone likes my idea and decided to sponsor it, I would recommend to print the business cards on the same type of paper, but 300g/m² so it’s thicker.”

Even so, Ana did manage to get the 60-pages brandbook printed on Cyclus Print recycled paper 200g/m² by iPrint, which according to Ana, “It came out awesome!”

Designed by Ana Stoyanova (a.k.a. Rockrosee)

For Mother Owl

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