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Moloko’s Bar Experience Mixology Business Card

Bicefalo Brand Studio designed these business cards for Moloko’s Bar Experience, a company founded back in 2007, dedicated to offer mixology services for events.

“This project’s objective was to step up Moloko’s identity so they could reach better clients and focus on bigger events and bigger clients, especially weddings (which they have been doing),” said Eduardo Cámara, the Creative Director of Bicefalo Brand Studio.

“Their old logo was playful, colourful and childish, so we made it more elegant, sophisticated, and dynamic.”

“It represents elements and tools from contemporary mixology such as bar spoons.”

“All the elements been put together to represent and communicate the brand’s experience, which is way above their competitors, but their old logo didn’t transmit that.”

“They have many logo applications so the identity is not static, but dynamic.”

“Therefore, we created two different business card designs using different elements and logo versions but still feel the same vibe.”

These business cards were printed on 216g Oxford matte textured paper by Quick Digital in Mérida, México.


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Designed by Bicefalo Brand Studio

Printed by Quick Digital

For Moloko’s Bar Experience

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