Mizah businesscard

Mizah Rahim Bramhall Scarves Business Card

Ayisha designed these business cards for Mizah Rahim Bramhall, a brand that creates chic scarves for women who want style, quality, comfort and modesty altogether.

“Mizah came to me with two words in mind: elegance and sophistication. Her brand for premium luxe hijabs was not just to sell, it was to provoke confidence, style and good morals among women without compromising on modesty and comfort,” Ayisha said.

Mizah logo

“Since it’s an only-women brand, I chose to use dusty pink instead of the regular pink with a pinkish brown and finished it off with a Midas touch of rose gold, simply because women like a bit of shimmer and shine, don’t they?”

“The packaging was kept neat and minimal for the upper class audience. I chose to design the wrapping tissue inside the box with little morals printed on them: B forgiving, B sophisticated, B grateful, B respectful, B beautiful etc. This was only to show that even though the brand looks chic, they do not compromise on the values of life that everyone must abide to. Hence, the ‘B’ from the logo was used to create the morals.”

Mizah wrapping paper2

“The typography was very simple and neat, using cursive and serif. We even put a thank you card inside the box with a sweet note. Overall, the packaging did a great job to sell the scarves.”

The packaging was done in high quality paper material to ensure that the cards and box were sturdy since they had to be shipped to various countries.

These business cards were printed by Singapore Print.

“We used offset for the prints as they were to be printed in bulk and got the areas to be foiled in rose gold. We did all dusty pink with brown on the edges on a 300gsm board.”

Mizah business cardMizah business_cardMizah wrapping paperMizah packagingMizah thank you card

Designed by Ayisha

Printed by Singapore Print

For Mizah Rahim Bramhall

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