Milan Le business cards

Milan Graphic Designer Business Card

Milan Le designed these business cards as part of her rebranding project for her profession as a graphic designer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

This is actually a redesigned version of Milan’s previous business card.

When compared to the previous version, the new business card design is more colourful and striking. This time, Milan had also incorporated new printing techniques to improve the overall appearance of her business cards.

Milan Le business cards_3

Typography & Logo Design

According to Milan, she’d like to convey a more creative, yet energetic and youthful image for her branding through the new business cards.

Cabinet Grotesk is the typeface used for both the logotype and body text of the business card.

“However, I have customised the letter ‘M’ to be more unique and playful, which I have been inspired by many letters of Arabic characters. And the letter ‘M’ contains many meanings about me,” Milan said.

“As you can see, the letter ‘M’ is not characterised in the normal shape but going up as a pillow cart instead, which represents my growth.”

“You can actually see my last name Le in the logomark if it’s rotated upside down. This is simply my way of showing my huge love to my family.”

And finally, for the flower symbols, “My-Lan in kanji means ‘beautiful flower’ and I’m also a floral lover. Therefore, the flower shape symbolises my personal preference.”

Milan Le logo

Personal Brand Colours

Milan’s business cards have more colours and they are brighter and catchier than her previous version.

“I love summer, the heat, and the shimmering beauty of the seas. So, Hawaii is the destination that I have always dreamed of.”

“That’s why I chose a rather warm colour palette, reflecting the heat while at the same time full of summer energy.”

“The red colour represents the sun, the green represents the coconut leaves, the yellow colour of the sand, and finally the purple colour represents the orchid. The word ‘orchid’ in Vietnamese is Lan, which is my name.”

Milan Le business card colours

Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed by Cropmarks, a printing company in Vietnam. The paper used is Ecoline Board (300gsm) from Fedrigoni.

“I wanted my business card to involve all the best printing techniques I have known so far. So, I decided to apply both embossing and foil printing on it. I have chosen the holographic silver foil for the logotype.” Milan said.

Milan Le business cardMilan Le business card_frontMilan Le business cards_2Milan Le business cards_envelopesMilan Le cover lettersMilan Le envelopesMilan Le stationeryMilan Le stickersMilan Le stickers2Milan Le_cover letter2Milan Le logotypeMilan Le_envelopeMilan Le_envelopes2Milan Le_envelopes3Milan Le_stickers3Milan Le_stationery

Designed by Milan Le

For Milan Le personal branding

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