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Milan Le designed these business cards for her personal branding as a senior graphic designer based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Milan’s expertise including creating artworks, branding and packaging for every kind of business.

“The whole branding is really about telling who I am, what I like and how I could be creative in branding. Before this, I have never tried to create an elegant branding since most of my design brings the mood of energetic, funny and youthful with sans-serif typeface and colourful palettes. That’s why I want to step out of my comfort zone and make something different,” Milan said.

Logo Design & Inspiration

Milan logo


Milan’s logo has three versions – primary logo, secondary logo and a monogram. For her primary logo, Milan had chosen Aila, a serif font with no caps version.

“I customized the font a bit so that it would be more elegant with thinner curves in the text, which suited better for my brand. I wanted my brand to look more professional, elegant, refined and mature with the serif font. At the same time, reflecting the personalities that I have been more mature and thoughtful.”

“The star above the letter ‘i’ represents the dreamy and positive sight of myself. It’s also symbolizes the beautiful brands that I would create in the near future.”

A total of four stars in Milan’s secondary logo represents her day of birth.

“In Asian culture, number 4 is considered an unlucky number because it sounds like the word for ‘death’. However, it’s actually my lucky number so I wanted to put it in my alternative (logo) version. Also, I felt that it’s more fulfilling and balanced by having three more stars below.”

Typography and Colour Palette

Milan Business Cards

As mentioned earlier, Milan used Aila as the primary font (for the logotype). As for the secondary font, she used Red Rose.

“These two fonts are totally different in shape – one is thin and tall while another is wider and short. I think they look great together.”

For the colours, Milan was inspired by the palette of the Lunar New Year mood, which has red, yellow, black, and skin colour. “I love the Lunar New Year so much and it’s my favourite time of the year. Everything about this festival is amazing.”

“Red stands for good luck, yellow is the colour of the apricot flowers (the flower symbolizing ‘Tet’ – Lunar New Year in the south of Vietnam) while black stands for the night of New Year’s Eve when everyone in Vietnam is waiting for the fireworks shooting at 00:00. The skin colour stands for the Vietnamese candies and jams for our traditional Tet festival foods.”

These business cards are not printed yet. However, Milan decided that she’ll have the cards printed at Lam Son printing.

“It’s one of the best printing companies in Ho Chi Minh City as I had previously printed many projects there and they turned out perfect,” she complimented.

“I have three options when it comes to paper choice for printing: spot UV crystal paper (the logo and important parts will be bolded), art paper – fancy or couche paper. I’ll be able to figure this out once I see the papers in reality.”

Milan Business CardMilan Business Card 2

Milan branding Milan branding3 Milan branding2 Milan bag and name tags
Milan A4 PapersMilan Le

Designed by Milan Le

For Milan Le personal branding

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