Mila Sharifova Business Card

Mila Sharifova Graphic Designer Business Card

Mila Sharifova designed these business cards for her self-branding project as a mixed media artist who creates visual and media content in Russia.

“I create meaningful designs, identity, graphic concepts and animation for projects and events, including printed items,” Mila said. “Visual art is my main business and a way of self-realization, in which I want to express my vision and principles, as well as get interesting professional experience and development, sharpen my skills and quality of workmanship.”

Mila Sharifova card_backMila Sharifova card_front

Mila’s business card design is super striking, thanks to the holographic element and the white lettering (logo) against a dark background.

When asked about the inspirations behind her card design, Mila replied, “I was inspired by holographic textures, neon and glow theme in design. I made this card to highlight myself (own style) and show what I can do.”

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “These cards will shimmer with a gradient!” Mila said.

Mila Sharifova Business CardMila Sharifova business cards

Designed by Mila Sharifova

For Mila Sharifova personal branding

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