Melambo business card

Melambo Footwear Business Card

Brandberg designed these business cards for Melambo, a bespoke luxury artisanal footwear that’s crafted and embellished yet functional.

After extensive diversified research and a mixture of the brand owner’s signature style, Brandberg designed Melambo’s branding with a new perspective as it’s an expression of one’s true self and luxe lifestyle.

The brand name Melambo was created from the mashup of ‘Melbourne’ and ‘Colombo’ – the places where the business owner has resided. Brandberg designed the strategic brand story by creating contemporary design elements for its luxe aesthetics.

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Speaking of the logo design, “We created the MS monogram to increase its lifespan so the brand can extend from shoes to a lifestyle brand over time,” said Jonathan Joseph, the Designer at Brandberg.

The typography used for the main logo is called Hello Paris. This modern typeface expresses an elegant and luxury style that matches the high end feel that Melambo wishes to portray.

Brown is the main colour used in the visual identity. Explaining the reason behind it, Jonathan said, “The colour palette creates a rustic yet luxury bespoke personality to the brand. Even the pictures are art directed to follow the same colour scheme, and the majority of the shoes as well.”

These business cards were offset-printed on a textured Conqueror paper by Printel (pvt) Ltd. Apart from that, they incorporated an arch die cut on the business card, because according to Jonathan, a business card doesn’t always have to be rectangular.

Editor’s Note: If you wish to see more arched shape/arch-inspired business cards, check out our blog post here.

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Designed by Brandberg

Printed by Printel (pvt) Ltd

For Melambo

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