Matiz holographic business cards

Matiz Photography Business Card

Olga Burachevskaia designed these business cards for Matiz, a photography studio based in Córdoba, Spain.

According to Olga, the client wanted a unique corporate identity that incorporated both concepts of simplicity and ‘high-tech’.

“At the time of our project, the client debuted with local portrait-based high-speed photography sessions. The company offered popular high-speed photography choices (such as water sprinkle and coloured dust portraits) and a new-to-the-scene light/laser portraits. These are the high-speed pictures where they take a photo against the light-in-motion background in the dark with sharp rim lighting.”

“They asked us for a laconic design that did not rely on any of those specific photography types, yet reflected the idea of advanced cameras used to capture light and particles in motion.”

Logo Design & Typography

Olga came up with two different business card designs for this branding project: holographic (full-colour) and minimalist (two-colour).

A sleek logo is used on both designs, with a triangle (and strike through) being the prominent mark. The main inspiration was from a specific gear used for the light portraits.

Explaining the concept behind it, Olga said, “They often shoot the portraits using a 3-point light setup that forms a triangle, if you look from above. What’s more, a triangular prism is a prop for creating refraction effects that runs behind the idea of using holographic foil. The line is the laser pointer beam going from one point to another.”

The typeface used including modified Republik Sans 01 (used as a base for the logo) and Macklin Slab & Sans for the body text.

(Other concepts Olga relied on are Prism dispersion, laser portrait and 3-point-light setup.)

Matiz business card_2

Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed by Imprenta Madrid in Spain.

“As far as the printing goes, we opted for a holographic foil with lacquer embossing for the primary design. This solution proved to be expensive, so after consulting with both the client and the printers, we came up with a two-colour secondary design that was more cost-effective,” Olga said.

“We requested to use textured white paper with a snowy grain feel to make the cards more memorable.”

Matiz business cards Matiz business card_1

Designed by Olga Burachevskaia

Printed by Imprenta Madrid

For Matiz Photography

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