Mars Music Festival Business Card

Mars Music Festival Business Card

Annie Hall designed these striking business cards for Mars Music Festival – a project she was invited to do for Adobe Live during a 3-day livestream in San Francisco in early 2018.

“The project I created for the livestream would be a holographic music festival called the Mars Music Festival,” Annie said.

“The fictional festival drew inspiration from the movie Blade Runner (specifically the Elvis Presley concert scenes).”

“For the process, I would create the festival branding first, illustrative posters second, and then finally some festival memorabilia!”

“For the designs, I wanted to create the visuals for the festival by using space elements, however incorporate abstract shapes and retro type treatments.”

“Although, being named after an existing planet already (and not necessarily taking on the same characteristics visually), the choice of using ‘Mars’ was because it was not only the closest planet to us, but the idea of another form of living life became a fun concept to expand on.”

“For visuals, downplaying the serious futuristic/robotic vibe and playing off a more energetic and playful design was most appealing for this identity (because who doesn’t like the idea of giant blob masses and floating floors?).”

“Using the idea of having a holographic music festival brings back all our favorite singers and performers between the ’60s-’80s for a broad range of people to enjoy (including the possible extraterrestrial),” Annie added.

These business cards are mock-ups and if they are to be printed, here’s what Annie suggested, “I would letterpress the front icon and then for the back just do a standard print for the text.”


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Designed by Annie Hall

For Adobe Live (Mars Music Festival)

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