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Markku Pajunen Photographer Business Card

Heikki Sallinen designed these business cards for Markku Pajunen, a photographer who owns a rather new photography studio ‘Make Photo’ in Espoo, Finland.

Markku Pajunen asked Heikki to design a business card for him. At first Markku thought he didn’t really need a full-scale corporate identity, but during the process they discovered that at least a simple company tag or logo would be useful for signing his artworks.

“I suggested him a simplified logotype: just his company name ‘Make Photo’ written inside a picture frame,” Heikki said.

“For the cards, my client had a vision of a rather simple design, mainly only text, the most important information being his own name.”

“So, we ended up with a minimalistic solution – just a strong, black sans serif text with a silver foil on the company logo.”

“The result is effective yet informative design with a hint of luxury, presenting Make Photo’s superior quality.”

“Markku had already gained some recognition in several photo contests; among them the 2018 first prize in the ‘Illustrative photos’ series of the biggest annual photography contest event in Finland, Fotofinlandia.”

“To showcase his winning photography artwork we developed an idea of putting a little photo exhibition on the backsides of the cards (The winning Fotofinlandia photo of a diver was shot in the studio, and the whole composition was then constructed in Photoshop).”


The Printing of Business Cards

A Helsinki-based printing house, Topnova, printed these business cards.

According to Heikki, “It is a small company, but with a very good reputation of delivering top quality printing – also in good old traditional specialities; foil, letterpress etc.”

The cards were offset printed on Swedish FSC certified uncoated Scandia 2000 White 440 g/m2 board: text side in one-color black plus matt silver hot foil on the logo, and 4-color offset on the picture side.


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Designed by Heikki Sallinen at Logopolis Graphic Design Ltd.

Printed by Topnova

For Photographer Markku Pajunen

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