Sarahid López makeup artist business card

Sarahid López Makeup Artist Business Card

Andrea Macías designed these business cards for a makeup artist named Sarahid López.

A custom handwritten typography and beautiful holographic paper is the key ingredients for Sarahid López’s business card. When you are a makeup artist and loves glitter, unicorn hair dyes and exotic colours, this is the design you should go for!

Sarahid López makeup artist logo
“Sarahid loves to create bright and cute make up styles on herself and her clients. She also loves to experiment with a lot of new products and stay edgy,” Andrea said.

By doing a few sketches, Andrea chose the best features on each letter to create a beautiful logo for her client. The end result is absolutely stunning!

These holographic business cards are mockups but still, they are amazing to look at!

Sarahid López makeup artist business cardSarahid López makeup artist business cardsSarahid López logo2

Designed by Andrea Macías

For Sarahid López

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