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MAM Creative Agency Business Card

Alex Arzuman designed these business cards for MAM, a France-based creative agency specializing in food and hotel businesses.

“We created our new studio, MAM, six months ago. We are three founders specialized in 3 different areas: architecture, product design and graphic design. Therefore, we wanted three different business cards in the same style,” Alex said.

Mam card front design
The brand name ‘MAM’ was inspired by the names of the three founders: ‘Medioni – Arzuman – Migevant’ and was referring to the diminutive of ‘Mommy’ (mother). Asul font (regular and bold) was used throughout the brand identity. However, a custom typography was created for the logotype, as you can see on the card design.

“The font used for the logotype is totally handmade in order to have the full rights and a ‘unique’ font for our brand. The idea was to show future prospects and clients our creativity and taste for beauty and details,” Alex explained.

These business cards were printed on 3 colorplan papers (stone, forest, mandarin) with white/orange foiling and embossing by Spind in France. According to Alex, the idea was to design a card that people could remember with its embossed and copper effects.

Mam businesscard designMam business card_back design

Designed by Alex Arzuman

Printed by Spind

For MAM Projects

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