Mali Ludzie children wear business card

Mali Ludzie Children Clothing Business Card

Holy Sheep designed these business cards for Mali Ludzie, a brand store with clothes and accessories for children.

The business cards are filled with adorable illustrations of children smiling and with other facial expressions. The design is eye-catching and fits perfectly on a white background!

“The cards are part of a large branding project we designed for Mali Ludzie (Polish for ‘Small People’). The logo and key visual are inspired by the most important people – the kids themselves,” said Piotr Synowiec, the founder and co-owner of Holy Sheep.

“However similar they may look at first, each and every one of them is unique and should be treated individually – hence personalized icons in the logo.”

“They show a wide range of emotions, facial expressions, but also hairstyles to emphasize the differences between them.” said Piotr Synowiec, the founder and co-owner of Holy Sheep.”

“In our project, we wanted to show kids as they are – young people with emotions, imagination, with their own sense of uniqueness but also building a strong and diverse group.”

“The mission of Mali Ludzie is to make every child feel unique and needed. But also to produce clothes and accessories that the kids would like to wear.”

Holy Sheep opted for letterpress printing technique to make the cards stand out while giving them a unique, finished look.

Mali Ludzie children fashion business card Mali Ludzie children fashion envelopes

Designed by Holy Sheep!, a branding studio in Wrocław, Poland

For Mali Ludzie

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