M & M business card

M & M Event Management Business Card

Denny Kurien designed these business cards for M & M, an upscale event management company that caters to high net-worth clients in putting on extravagant musical events.

Speaking more of his client, Denny said, “There is M & M Music (that sources the musical talent) and M & M Events (that sources the venue, food, decor and everything else that goes into making an extravagant event).”

“This client wanted a logo that was handcrafted, and conveyed extravagance and attention to detail. You will notice in the image above, the ornamentation and filigree that were hand drawn around the M&M typography shows a treble-clef and bass-clef – these are all musical notations, to show the line of business M & M are in. We used black, white, and copper foil stamping to convey premium-ness.”

Denny’s client handled the printing themselves. “The client is based in India, and we’re based in Toronto. So, we provided the production ready files to them over the net for them to print using their local printers.”

“We created these as mockups, but the intention was to have one card’s face black while white on the other side, and use copper-foil stamping.”

All in all, it’s a stylish and elegant business card design that impresses upon first glance!

M & M business cardsMandM_Stationary

Designed by Denny Kurien

For M & M

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