Lupi business card

Lupi Talent Agency Business Card

Carlos Bêla designed these business cards for Lupi, a talent agency led by Luciana Pimentel who has been in the business for years.

Carlos was contacted for the branding project of Luciana’s new company. “The most important points for the creation were: relevance, expression, transparency and plurality. Based on these concepts, an appropriate graphic reference was the early 20th century Art Deco illustrations. From this, I created a logo for the visual identity that is also an illustration to express the ideas of multifaceted, multiplicity, warmth feelings and humanism,” Carlos said.

The logo represents the combination of ideas, expressiveness, versatility and stands out from the competition. “This logo appears in many different colours throughout the visual identity. For the business card design, 6 different colour combinations were created,” Carlos added.

Lupi logo
These business cards were digitally printed on 300g couché paper, with a soft touch matte lamination by Gráfica Águia, São Paulo in Brazil.

Lupi business cardLupi business card-frontLupi-branding

Designed by Carlos Bêla

Printed by Gráfica Águia

For Lupi

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