Luiza Aguiar Psychologist Square Business Card

Luiza Aguiar Psychologist Business Card

Rafaela Sanchez designed these business cards for Luiza Aguiar, a therapist who specialises in online psychotherapy and the integration of indigenous Venezuelans into the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

As a person and a professional, Luiza Aguiar has become a brand that represents psychotherapy and migration issues. The project has a direct connection to its patients and its target audience.

A better standard of living, be it material or intangible, is a driving force behind the migration of individuals. There is a sense of isolation and helplessness that comes with being so far away from loved ones. Luiza wants to welcome these people and help them find mental and physical comfort, which will help them deal with the pain and difficulties caused by migration.

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Logo & Pattern Designs

The business cards come in different versions – rectangle or square layout with different colours. According to Rafaela, “The client asked for multiple formats so that the card could fit in different sizes of wallets and to serve different audiences and patients. The colour difference happens only so that the main colours of the palette can be used.”

The Arctic tern was used as the main inspiration for the logo. It was chosen because it’s related to the target audience, since both are migrants; at the same time, the client aims to make the migration process easier and less painful for migrants.

Arctic tern has the longest migration of any animal at 90,000 km round trip. The path they travel through the Atlantic Ocean forms an “S”, as they use air currents to save energy. Subsequently, the pattern on the business card design is formed based on the annual migration path of the Arctic tern.

As for the circle, it represents the planet earth, and also consistency, unity, integration and relationship.

Luiza Aguiar_arctic tern logoLuiza Aguiar business card


Typography & Colours

The typeface used for the logotype is Black Mango. It’s a simple and modern font that expresses the delicate and elegance of the brand in a subtle way. Apart from that, the font also has high legibility.

Yellow, green, and brown/earth tones make up the colour palette. Explaining the colour choices, Rafaela said, “The yellow radiates, and when paired with the orange/earth tones plus the reddish, they become the typical triple chord of pleasure, energy and everything that surrounds it.”

“The green is a calming, refreshing and a human colour. It also displays a healthy passivity, full of satisfaction.”

“Finally, the brown tones bring a sense of warmth and security. When paired with yellow, they look especially pleasant.”

Luiza Aguiar Psychologist logo_1Luiza Aguiar square business card_2


Business Card Printing

When it comes to card-printing, Rafaela suggested, “The business cards would be printed on a triplex or craft paper, with the edges in the same colour as the front of the card. The cards would be embossed in the symbol and the client’s name.”

“As the brand’s concept is based on welcoming migrants, the simplicity of the materials is a good choice, since what should be highlighted is the essence and proposal behind the brand and the client’s work.”


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Designed by Rafaela Sanchez at Clementina Design

For Luiza Aguiar Psychologist

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