Luciano Marchetti business card

Luciano Marchetti Graphic Designer Business Card

Luciano Marchetti designed these business cards for his personal branding as a Italy-based freelance creative art director and designer.

“As an independent creative I work for ad agency, design studios and various clients here in Italy,” Luciano said.

“I love working on cross media projects and thinking about how design can be a form of idea and not just a form.”

Luciano’s business card design is minimal yet catchy due to the striking gradient at the edge of the cards.

It resembles a strong image, with the help of a ‘burning card’ presentation, it gives a dramatic and dynamic vibe for the overall design.

While we’re admiring this creative approach, there’s actually more to the story than meets the eye.

Luciano Marchetti business_cards

Luciano explained, “The story behind is funny: at first, I was just looking for a minimal design that could combine a hot gradient with few elements written in Monument font (title) and Garamond (back info).”

“The gradients’ colour has been selected by studying burning papers (the red between the white and the black). Just keeping it simple.”

“But then the story has changed. I never use the cards since I printed.”

“Due to the lockdown in Italy, we stopped to meet each other.”

“So, I decided to use the burnt gradient idea to actually burn all my business cards.”

Luciano Marchetti_burning card

“The idea behind this action/performance is to express how relations have changed after covid-19 arrived in our lives.”

“How we introduce each other remotely and how social distancing don’t let us touch anything from other people.”

“The result of this act and all the process behind it have turned into a digital project that hopefully gets people to think about it.”

Regardless of how the cards ended up, this is still an interesting project that brings attention to how a pandemic has affected people’s daily lives and of course, an out-of-the-box, artistic presentation that will leave a lasting impression!

These business cards were printed on 200gr paper stock by a local printing company in Milano.


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Luciano Marchetti business cardsLuciano Marchetti6

Designed by Luciano Marchetti

For Luciano Marchetti personal branding

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