Luccari Specialty Coffee Business Card

David Espinosa designed these business cards for Luccari Specialty Coffee, a company founded in 2018 which offers high quality coffee beans, freshly roasted to order.

Incorporating their motto ‘the best of the best coffee’, Luccari Coffee takes into account the different regions from the world where the best grains are grown. Luccari Coffee presents fresh coffee of excellent quality, as freshly harvested and presented to an audience that cares about the best flavour and drink coffee daily.

Speaking of the design process, David said, “We created a symbol that represents a king of light coffee, giving the brand an exclusive and imposing personality. The logo was accompanied by resources that enhance the concept of exclusivity and luxury. Other elements, including the main colour (blue), patterns and textures were all shaped by distinctive symbols of power and superiority, such as the crown, the staff, the tower of the castle, emblems and flags.”

The design of the card is conformed by high quality cotton paper with printing on pantones, low embossing and gold-foil stamping.

Designed by David Espinosa

For Luccari Specialty Coffee

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