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Lobo Vasques Law Firm Business Card: Modern & Bold

Another Collective designed these business cards for Lobo Vasques, a boutique law firm specialising in tax law based in Portugal.

Lobo Vasques collaborates closely with leading clients across various industries, offering sophisticated solutions to complex tax issues.

The firm wanted a business card design that boldly reflected its strong brand identity and its commitment to challenging the way it communicates, from the tone of voice to the photographic style.

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Logo Design & Typography

The logo stands out as the most distinctive feature of the business card design, primarily due to its typographic prominence.

The solid, enlarged typography is legible from afar, and the connecting effect between two sides of the card that spells out the name of the firm is both creative and memorable!

Also, the dimension and spatial limits of the typography are carefully considered, adding to the irreducible nature of Lobo Vasques’ brand identity – a symbol of its strong and unshakable presence in the field of taxation.

It’s worth noting that the typographic choice is a nod to the work of Josef Müller-Brockmann, a Swiss pioneer known for his exploration of the grid as a design element.

It showcases the firm’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional design and setting new standards in the field.

The designers at Another Collective explained, “To mark its application, we made use of a line that traces the limits of the various sections of the pieces we developed.”

“This intends to emphasise the logo, which acts as a perpetual umbrella for the rest of the information.”

Lobo Vasques law firm business cards


Colour Palette

While maintaining a sense of sobriety and professionalism, the business card design opted for a monochrome colour palette that aligns with the firm’s core values and to distinguish it from the more conventional law firms.

Despite it may look subtle, it actually adds a touch of modernity when paired with other more striking elements on the business card.

The overall presentation of this brand identity is notable for its sober aesthetics. It embodies an apparent laid-back vibe that captures the essence of Lobo Vasques’ unique character.

The play of shadow and contrast, emphasising the use of empty space, adds depth and intrigue to the brand’s visual identity.

Overall, these business cards exude a clean and modern aesthetic, breaking free from visual stereotypes associated with tax law. It’s a great example showing how innovative design elements can create a powerful and distinctive brand image when used correctly!


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Designed by Another Collective

For Lobo Vasques

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