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Lingo Arch Learning Business Card

Khushleen Kaur designed these business cards for Lingo Arch Learning, a platform that connects language learners with tutors all over the world.

“Lingo Arch Learning helps to build the largest language learning community. People from around the world can join the courses from various native tutors to cater to their professional and educational needs,” Khushleen said.


Logo & Typography

The idea behind the logo design is ‘to deliver a message’ or ‘to communicate’. The message bubble (or speech bubble) found in the logo represents exactly that.

The typefaces used in the visual identity are Source Sans Variable and ZT Grafton. For the body text, Khushleen used a mix of Kollektif and Arogant typefaces. The latter provides a nice contrast to the overall design, since it gives a chic, luxurious and a little bit of a retro vibe.

Lingo Arch business card_frontLingo Arch business card_back

Colour Palette

A gradient is beautifully applied on the front of the business card to create a harmonious look.

“The red and orange colours complement the logo to give a bright, vibrant and playful vibe overall,” Khushleen explained.

“At the same time, the colours make the business cards more eye-catching while also depicting the idea that learning a language should be a positive and enjoyable experience.”


Graphic & Illustration

To make the cards more memorable, some cheerful geometric illustrations are used. They are indeed, a perfect match for the square layout business card!

“The concept behind the illustrations is to convey that learning languages is a fun process and to defy the monotonous stereotypes regarding learning.”

“Also, colour variations and different shapes symbolise different languages, people, and geographical locations across the world, allowing for universal access to education.”

When it comes to business card printing, Khushleen suggested having them printed on standard gloss, matte and velvet square cardstock.


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Designed by Khushleen Kaur

For Lingo Arch Learning

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