Lets Go business card

Let’s Go Shuttle Service Business Cards

Gefen designed these business cards for Let’s Go, a high level shuttle service.

According to Gefen, the business will operate in Israel but is mainly intended for tourists and customers from abroad.

Lets Go logoLets Go icons
“Let’s Go wanted a minimalist branding combined with simple icons that would also be used for the app and website. I designed the logo with the goal of serving as an icon as well and then I built a graphic language that fits the logo,” Gefen said.

The overall design is clean and playful. Gefen also created a pattern that fits well into future designs, collaterals and business cards.

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “We will print them on thick paper with matte finish,” Gefen suggested.

Lets Go business cardsLets Go mugsLets Go bag

Designed by Gefen

For Let’s Go

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