Leoparo leopardi store business card

Leopardo Leopardi Imperfect Concept Store Business Card

COURE designed these business cards for Leopardo Leopardi, an imperfect concept store in Barcelona.

The business card design is bold and unique, with quirky typography and authenticity written all over the card.

“Our client, Carla, wanted to convey that at Leoparo Leopardi everything is possible, but with no pretensions,” said Júlia Gaspar, the co-founder of COURE.

“In other words, she wanted her concept store to be open and welcome all kinds of things: crazy objects, pieces of art, special gifts, lovingly edited books… but at the same time as this freedom, she wanted to make clear this ‘imperfection’ that makes her and her store one of a kind.”


An Authentic and Charming Brand Image

The idea of the brand name is peculiar with the idea of associating “leopard” with this store.

Júlia stated, “The store is charming, quirky, and authentic, and that’s what we were looking for when working on the branding.”

“The starting point of everything was a story Carla told us about a leopard that had lost its spots.”

“So, that was the leitmotif behind the name and the entire concept of the store. We took those lost spots and played with them throughout the branding.”

“And the only illustration we had on the business card is of a leopard raising its hackles without any spots (because it had lost them).”

Leoparo leopardi store stationery


A Peculiar Logotype and Vibrant Colours

The logotype was made with a customised version of the Glassure, which conveys the essence of the brand perfectly.

“The main font is odd and original, and it allowed us to combine the two words into one, playing with their last letter,” Júlia explained.

“Again, the typeface and the body text font are chosen to reinforce this idea of authenticity, peculiarity, and originality.”

The brand’s business cards were a stylish blend of pink and purple.

Júlia claimed that these are two electric colours, and they specifically sought out vibrant pieces for this branding.

Leoparo leopardi store logos


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards are not printed, but if they were, COURE suggested having them printed on thick paper and having stickers on one side.

“That way, the cards are just as playful and original as the items you can buy at the Leopardo Leopardi Imperfect concept store,” Julia said.


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Leoparo leopardi store business cardsLeoparo leopardi stickerLeoparo leopardi store stickers

Designed by COURE

For Leopardo Leopardi

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