Lagom consultancy business cards

Lagom Environmental Consultancy Business Card

André Santos designed these business cards for Lagom, an environmental consultancy that offers solutions for companies that wish to grow and develop their projects in a responsible, sustainable and balanced way.

The name Lagom comes from Swedish and carries the meanings such as “adequate”, “enough”, and “in the ideal quantity.” It reflects a lifestyle where balance is the key to everything.

The main goal of the project was to create a distinctive visual identity to effectively communicate with Lagom’s target customers, which are medium and large companies in the local civil construction sector.

For the business cards, it’s also crucial to convey the concepts of sustainability, responsibility and balance in their graphic universe.


Logo Design

The logo design focused on representing the concepts of duality and balance, in line with the brand’s commitment to responsible and balanced development.

André explained that the duality was symbolised by shapes that have rounded corners (organic) contrasting with right-angled corners (precision), illustrating the combination of engineering and environmental elements.

Additionally, the company’s core values were integrated into the logo to enhance its visual identity and adaptability for various applications.

For instance, the logo can be seen featuring the initial of the brand name “L” and, at the same time, defining two points of view from the angled corners, along with other important concepts (see graphics).

Lagom logo_environmental consultancyLagom consultancy logo meanings


Typography and Colours

The logotype was custom-designed to strike a balance between organic and rounded shapes with the other straight and linear side, creating this idea of duality between engineering and the environment.

Other typefaces used for the visual identity are IBM Plex Sans and Roboto Sans.

The brand’s colour palette drew inspiration from the context in which it is located: forest, sand and water.

Dark green was used prominently for the business cards, and it creates a striking contrast with other bright-coloured elements such as the logo and texts.


Printing of Business Cards

André created multiple versions of the business cards, taking inspiration from the logo design, from connecting the business cards to reveal the logo to incorporating rounded edge elements onto the contact info side of the card, etc.

Although André wasn’t directly involved in the card-printing, he recommended printing the business cards on thick coated paper (above 300g) with a matte finish.

He also suggested applying spot UV to the logo and contact information to enhance the overall appeal of the cards.


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Designed by André Santos

For Lagom Environmental Engineering (Consultancy)

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