La Bottega Restaurant business card

La Bottega Restaurant Business Card

Kidstudio designed these business cards for Ristorante La Bottega, a Michelin-starred Italian restaurant in Geneva, Switzerland owned by Chef Francesco Gasbarro.

“Being Italian in a place crowded with spaghetti-moustached chefs painted on the windows is just a matter of style,” said Walter Bolognino, the Graphic Designer of Kidstudio.

“Nothing is cried aloud – because of the luxury experience it involves – but it is instead stated by nuances and whispers in a clean, minimal design.”

“For La Bottega, the result is a mix of custom typography and original pencil illustrations on carefully selected colours and papers, all working together to convey an experience in par with the one offered by a night at La Bottega, tasting its precious food.”

To express originality and the unique quality of the restaurant, the designing team at Kidstudio used a formal Bodonian custom typeface for the logo.

These business cards were printed by Tipografia Arte e Stampa Montecatini in Montecatini Terme, Italy.

“The cards are printed on the rough, premium quality paper Fedrigoni Materica (Terra rossa and Acqua color variations),” Walter said.

“They feature a single Pantone offset print, plus an emboss with the logo’s monogram.”

“The emboss is off-set (in position) on the top left of the business cards, to both convey the sense of a quality stamp and to disorientate (and amaze) the users.”

Another batch of business cards comes in terra rossa and beige. Either one of these cards is capable of leaving a lasting impression on those who’ve seen it!


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Designed by Kidstudio

Printed by Tipografia Arte e Stampa Montecatini

For Ristorante La Bottega

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