Kulturminnefondet business card

Kulturminnefondet Cultural Heritage Fund Business Card

Daniel Brox Nordmo and Ina Brantenberg designed these business cards for Kulturminnefondet, also known as the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Fund.

Kulturminnefondet was established in 2003 to provide funding to privately owned cultural heritage monuments, and has contributed in protecting and restoring a diversity of cultural heritage around the country.

“As the original logo had remained unchanged since its foundation, the Fund was in need of a new visual identity,” Daniel said.

“The ambition was that the identity manages to reflect history, and at the same time is perceived as contemporary, pointing forward with a relevant and clear voice.”


“Our studio, Tank Design, developed a modern and simple logo that symbolizes a united organisation, with storytelling in mind. The continuous line stands for movement, time and eternity.”

He continued, “To achieve an immediate understanding of cultural heritage and its meaning, and to add value and personality to the different communication channels and areas, a set of over 30 pictographs were developed.”

“We did the visual identity back in 2015, but rebranded the identity in 2020.”

Kulturminnefondet1Kulturminnefondet illustration

“The logo stayed the same but we changed the colour palette, added a lot of pictograms and changed the main idea behind the identity.”

“We used the font Vito, a clean and modern sans serif from 2014 by Typejockeys.”

These business cards are not printed yet. According to Daniel, “The printing will be fairly straight forward, they will be printed on uncoated paper, on around 240g of paper.”

“It will be a process in advance to ensure that the colours pop correctly.”

Kulturminnefondet business cardsKulturminnefondet stationeryKulturminnefondet stationery2Kulturminnefondet2

Designed by Daniel Brox Nordmo and Ina Brantenberg at Tank Design

For Kulturminnefondet

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