Kolkata Chai Co business card

Kolkata Chai Co. Café Business Card

Badal Patel designed these business cards for Kolkata Chai Co., a cafe in NYC, USA.

Badal handled the branding, visual identity and art direction of this creative project. According to her, the design mission was to dispel the way chai has become known in the Western world.

“The clients didn’t want to fall into a romanticized view of a spiritual Indian aesthetic or any other South Asian cliche you see so often. Kolkata, India, is known for its chai culture and my goal was to bring that experience to the streets of New York in a modern and relevant way.”

Kolkata Chai Co6Kolkata Chai Co menu

The fonts used in this visual identity including Pitch Sans, druk wide / medium, Misfits, baskerville. These business cards were printed by MOO.

“Typography and colour played a huge role in feeling the essence of Kolkata. I broke all the type rules and used many typefaces to get a level of quirkiness and juxtaposed that with bold art direction,” Badal said.

The overall design is not only compelling but also capable of showcasing a South Asian culture in a unique, stylish and authentic way.

Kolkata Chai Co business card

Designed by Badal Patel

Printed by MOO

For Kolkata Chai Co.

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