Kolek Porcelain Tiles business card

Kolek Fine Porcelain Tiles Business Card

Bracom Agency designed these business cards for Kolek, the main importer and distributor of fine porcelain tiles based in Vietnam.

Kolek, known for its commitment to quality and innovation, entrusted Bracom with a mission to create a visual identity that truly encapsulated their brand essence.

When it comes to Kolek’s business card design, the creative minds at Bracom Agency have certainly left no stone unturned.

The result? A business card that’s not just a contact information holder but a work of art that bridges connections in style.


Brand Image

Kolek is well known for its professionalism, dedication, and innovative design. They are committed to providing high-quality porcelain tiles for use in household, architecture, interior design, and construction projects.

So, it makes sense for Bracom Agency to materialise Kolek’s principles into a tangible, hold-in-your-hand representation.

Their business cards are a reflection of their mission to provide exceptional architectural solutions.

Kolek Porcelain Tiles business cards


Logo Design

The Kolek logo embraces the solid and steady characteristics of the brand itself. It features a distinctive “K” mark that embodies sharp and definitive cuts, which brings out the bold and well-structured look.

What sets it apart is its symbolism – the three separate parts of the ‘K’ represent the three main spaces that Kolek specialises in enhancing: the living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

This clever use of design elements aligns perfectly with Kolek’s commitment to improving the living quality of its customers.

Kolek Porcelain Tiles logomark_2Kolek Porcelain Tiles logomark


Typography and Colour Palette

Apart from the eye-catching logotype, which has a modified letter “K,” IBM Plex Sans is also used in the visual identity.

This font choice is perfect to communicate professionalism and ensure clarity and legibility, making the card both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The business cards are available in multiple-colour versions, mainly black, white, and cream/ brown. These colours, when combined with other colour selections, evoke a sense of luxury and durability, aligning perfectly with the high-quality porcelain tiles that Kolek offers.

The colour choices are also a visual representation of Kolek’s commitment to excellence and adaptability to various environmental conditions and design trends.

Kolek Porcelain Tiles business cardsKolek Porcelain Tiles business cards_patterns


Grid System and Granite Patterns

Bracom Agency’s attention to detail shined through when they implemented grid system and granite patterns in the brand’s printed materials.

For instance, the use of a grid system adds structure and balance to the business card design.

Terrazzo bricks, known for their distinctive colour enamel, serve as a unique source of inspiration in the design.

These bricks are produced from materials like cement, stone, sand and granite. The process involves sharpening and polishing, creating eye-catching patterns.

Bracom Agency’s brilliant use of these patterns on the printing collaterals to add depth and texture makes the entire visual identity stand out in a tactile way.

Overall, these business cards are minimal yet sophisticated. They are also an effective visual representation of Kolek’s brand values, making a lasting impression on anyone who receives one.


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