Kimmo sticker business card

Kimmo Äijälä Digital Consultant Business Card

A sticker AND a business card? Now we don’t get to see that very often. Kimmo Äijälä designed these special business cards for his own design company, Kimmo Äijälä Design, a consulting service for digital services in Oulu, Finland.

“Sorry to say, I’m not really a fan of business cards. Like, they often get forgotten, as they are thrown in the bottom of your wallet or to the endless depths of your bag. I didn’t want to create a business card like that. But still, you kinda need one,” Kimmo said.

“Then I thought to myself that I really like stickers. They are kind of a collectible to some people. I want to see my logo on people’s laptops!”

“So I designed a 2-in-1 package: a business card, where you can take the logo off as a sticker and put it anywhere you want, but still have the important business information.”

That’s clever and we can’t wait to see the outcome, but according to Kimmo the cards have not been printed yet.

“The design is really fresh from the oven, so I’m still getting offers from local printing companies.”

“I knew that it would be challenging to get these printed, as you need to have a really thick paper, to get them to look professional and have a good quality.”

“Normally this would not be a problem, but it’s really hard to find a sticker paper like that.”

“I think we will end up to a solution, where the whole business card is printed on a sticker paper.”

“Only downside is, that the business information will be in a sticker format too, and it can really affect the overall quality of the business card. But we’ll wait and see, I guess!”

We don’t always get to see such interesting combination on a business card so bravo to Kimmo for this unique idea! Looking forward to the final results soon.

Designed by Kimmo Äijälä

For Kimmo Äijälä Design (personal branding)

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