KCFA Art Advisor business cards

Kate Chertavian Fine Art Business Card

Fore Design created these business cards for an internationally renowned art advisor, Kate Chertavian.

As Kate expanded her team, she wanted her business identity to reflect that she was more than a solo shop.

To accomplish this, Fore Design transitioned the company name from “Kate Chertavian Fine Art” to simply “KCFA” then modified her existing logo to incorporate the new name.

Different art images were printed on the back of the business cards. With legal restrictions on displaying artists’ works, Fore Design devised a strategy to use textures, patterns, and extreme close-ups of paintings, drawings, and sculptures to add color and texture to the cards.

This concept expresses KCFA’s brand effectively and professionally, while adding variety to the business cards.

These business cards were printed by MOO.

Designed by Fore Design

Printed by MOO

For Kate Chertavian Fine Art

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