Karolina Ante business cards

Karolina Ante Photography Business Card

Daria Kwon designed these business cards for Karolina Ante, a photographer who’s specialized in wedding photography and family portraits based in Russia.

Daria handled the branding project including designing the client’s logo, certificate and business cards.

“Karolina is a talented photographer who works with women, families and weddings. So, we decided to work on her brand surrounding these main ideas,” Daria said.

Karolina Ante business card

The logotype was hand-drawn by Daria – a custom made calligraphy – before a vector logo was created according to it.

The additional font used below the calligraphy is PT Sans.

“The handwritten logotype with the client’s name on it was chosen to reflect the feminine side of the brand and its light mood,” Daria explained.

Karolina Ante business card1

“The pinkish watercolour gradient was also used to express the brand image effectively.”

“Within a session or mood, the pinkish colour can be changed to different colours but the main style is solid.”

These business cards were letterpress-printed on matte cardboard by a local printing company in Moscow.

Overall, it’s a classy business card design that reflects grace and elegance of one’s profession.

Karolina Ante business cards2Karolina Ante stationery Karolina Ante business_card

Designed by Daria Kwon

For Karolina Ante

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