Kai Damian Matthiesen Graphic Designer Business Card

Kai Damian Matthiesen Graphic Designer Business Card

Kai Damian Matthiesen designed these business cards for his personal branding as a graphic designer who’s focusing on bespoke creative solutions using clear and strong typographic designs.

Obviously, Kai had put in a lot of thoughts in making his visual identity unique and memorable.

Speaking about the inspiration behind his design, “The inspirations came from a recent rebranding project where I focused on folded paper.”

“For my business logo, I focused on my initials ‘KDM’ and when the ‘K’ and ‘M’ are abstracted into geometric shapes the letters can be made by folding paper.”

“Hence, when the business card is folded or layered the ‘K’ or the ‘M’ will appear and the full information such as business name is displayed.”

The font used for the business card is custom typeface Bom Grotesque in two weights.

This is a fun and out-of-the-box approach for a business card to stand out – be different while showing one’s capability to be creative!

These business cards were printed by Die Papierveredler in Strausberg.

Other printing details are as follows:

Format: 85×55 mm

Material: Metapaper, extra smooth, 350g / sqm

Printing: 4/4-color offset printing

Finishing: sloping grooves; smooth cropped


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Designed by Kai Damian Matthiesen

Printed by Die Papierveredler

For Kai Damian Matthiesen Graphic Design Studio

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