Kafi Freud cafe business cards

Kafi Freud’s Business Card: Retro Vibes and Small Joys

Felix Finger designed these business cards for Kafi Freud, a small and cosy café in the heart of Zurich.

Kafi Freud is all about inviting people to come here to rest. It’s a haven for those seeking solace in the simple pleasures of life, something as simple as reading a book or newspaper, enjoying aromatic coffee with a piece of homemade cake, or fresh soups with regional ingredients.

In a collaboration with the Munich design agency Neue Formation, Felix Finger orchestrated a visual identity that mirrored the café’s essence.

Let’s check out how the entire visual identity came to be.


Brand Image

Kafi Freud’s brand image revolves around embodying the warmth of an old friend, offering classic menus and retro-charm interiors.

Felix said, “What makes the café special is that joy is not celebrated as fireworks, but in small details.”

“The coffee prepared with special care, the beautifully presented breakfast, the personalised greeting on the cup. The little pleasures.”

“The visual identity should be just like the café itself: like an old friend. With attention to the small details.”

And with that, the business card design, like a canvas of retro vibes and small joys, reflects the tranquil yet vibrant atmosphere of Kafi Freud.

Kafi Freud cafe_glass window


Logo Design and Typography

The typeface used for the logotype is New Century Schoolbook LT by Linotype.

The logo’s distinct “e,” derived from a cup shape, not only graces the word mark but also serves as an iconic symbol for the brand.

“Like the café itself, the logo should appear calm, unagitated and familiar,” Felix said.

“You have to look closely to recognise the coffee cup in the small “e”. A small pleasure when you spot it.”

Kafi Freud cafe cups


Colour Palette & Illustrations

The colours chosen for the business cards evoke a sense of calm, familiarity, and liveliness.

Felix explained, “Just as there are many different corners and details to explore in the café, the colours are also varied.”

“The broad colour palette and the black and white illustrations offer many possible combinations and thus reinvent themselves again and again—another small detail that ensures liveliness and joy.”

“Visitors can also experience little stories and joys in the motifs of the illustrations, just like in the café itself.”

Kafi Freud illustrations


Printing of Business Cards

While currently in mockup form, the envisioned printing process for these vertical business cards involves screen printing or risography on coloured paper.

According to Felix, this intentional choice adds imperfect details that echo the basic concept of the visual identity.

All in all, this is the perfect example of how a business card design can create stories in graphic form that gracefully mirror the café’s persona. 

A truly captivating and unique business card design that captures the retro charm and celebration of life’s small joys!


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Designed by Felix Finger in collaboration with Neue Formation

For Kafi Freud

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