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Julia Photographer Business Card

Lundqvist & Dallyn designed these business cards for Julia Johnson, a Los Angeles-based photographer and creative director.

Julia is transitioning onto a new solo venture from JUCO Photo. Lundqvist & Dallyn helped her with the branding design and development.

“Julia’s work is mainly a vibrant, character-driven aesthetic popping with colour.” said Sam Dallyn, the Art Director at Lundqvist & Dallyn.

Due to that, the business cards are designed to have eye-popping colours as well, just like Julia’s work.

Julia stationery

Sam said that the colour palette was picked from Keayklolour collection.

“The colours were chosen to compliment all of the different hues across the printed materials.”

The large typography is another attention-grabber for Julia’s business cards!

Speaking of the typeface, Sam said, “The chunky bespoke type lays the foundations for the identity, shouting out over colour and imagery.”

“Helvetica Bold was used for everything else to act as a solid scaffolding.”

These business cards were printed by Paper Chase Press, a printing company based in Los Angeles, California.


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Julia business cards2Julia stationery2Julia stationery3Julia Johnson branding3Julia Johnson branding

Designed by Lundqvist & Dallyn

Printed by Paper Chase Press

For Julia Johnson

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