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Jess’pot Pottery Workshop Business Card

Katrina Sutulova designed these business cards for Jess’pot, a pottery workshop.

Jess’pot is constantly looking for new techniques to work with ceramics. The modern approach can be seen in ceramic products of different shapes and sizes, as well as by visiting master classes on the potter’s wheel.

The business card design is mainly filled with repeated illustrative patterns, which are derived from the logo itself. It’s both simple and distinctive!

Jesspot logo

How the Brand Name “Jess’pot” Was Inspired

The name is a combination of the owner’s first name, “Jess”, and the short form of the word pottery, “pot”.

“For the studio, the personal contribution and leadership of the owner are important since she herself is directly looking for new ways to develop her brand,” Katrina said.

“The main value of the workshop is the quality of both the service and the products themselves.”

The brand slogan goes like this: Do you pick Jess’pot? Congratulations, you win!

“Since the brand name sounds very similar to the word ‘Jackpot’, which means a large prize, it’s an obvious interpretation of how choosing Jess’pot products is a wise decision. You win for many reasons – from the latest ceramic-making techniques to a creative business approach!”

Jesspot slots

The Illustrative Elements Inspired from a Slot Machine

The logo’s illustrative element consists of three shots, like what you might see on a slot machine in a casino.

Katrina explained, “Together they denote the jackpot combination. If you have seen it, know that you have already won!”

Each slot is based on the brand name as well as on the characteristics of pottery making:

J + ceramic product in the shape of a cup;

SS + water, a necessity for the production process;

O + potter’s wheel (top view).

Jess pot logo construction

Modern Typography & Contrast Colour Combo

The typeface used for the logotype is Qhairo, a sans serif font that’s modern and elegant.

“I was looking for a font that would convey the symbolism of the illustrative part of the logo. It was important to emphasise the elegance of the lines and the business as a whole, and not completely reduce it to heavy fonts that are used in the casino theme.”

The brand colours used are blue and white.

“This contrast demonstrates the versatility of the workshop, while being a bright and classic combination,” Katrina said.

“In addition, this range harmonises well with the natural shades of the materials with which the studio works.”

When it comes to business card printing, Katrina suggested printing them on matte paper weighing 250-300 g.


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Designed by Katrina Sutulova

For Jess’pot

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