JD Osteopathy business cards

JD Osteopathy Business Card

Avery Elias Design designed these business cards for JD Osteopathy, a health service that provides osteopathic manual therapy.

“JD Osteopathy restores the body’s natural self-healing and regulating mechanisms through relatively gentle movements to re-establish proper movement of tissues,” Avery said.


Brand Image and Logo Design

The business cards were designed to portray a holistic, trusting and dedicated brand for JD Osteopathy.

Not only that, its logo design has an interesting nod to the profession as well.

“The JD lettering is a custom font that was first hand-drawn and then digitally designed in Illustrator.”

“The ‘J’ includes meaningful spinous illustrated details with 5 little spikes that represent the 5 ‘lumbar vertebra’ of the human spine.”

JD Osteopathy logo variations


Typography and Colours

“For the typography, we chose to use a newer, modern font called Poppins as the main font in the business card design because of its geometric and clean shapes.”

“The brand patterns were inspired by osteopathic themes and various parts of bones.”

The colour palette is using mainly orange to represent the brand for a good reason.

“The unique, warm orange colour palette was chosen to instill a sense of trust and care in its audience,” Avery explained.

Also, adding a small arrow pointing to the contact details is a nice touch.

Overall, this is a striking and clever business card design that impresses upon first glance!


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Designed by Avery Elias Design

For JD Osteopathy

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