Ivano Lago graphic designer business card

Ivano Lago Graphic Designer Business Card

Ivano Lago designed these business cards for his self-branding as a Sicilian freelance graphic designer specialising in the creation of book covers and company logos.

The business card design is minimal but has personality, especially with a catchy pattern formed by the brand owner’s initials.


Monogram Formed by Initials

Ivano took a clean, sophisticated and minimalistic approach to his branding.

He said, “The protagonist is the monogram, a simple but significant logo.”

Ivano’s logo is a monogram formed by his initials, the letters “I” and “L,” and the bristles of Photoshop’s brush tool icon, his favourite work tool.

Ivano Lago logo_video2

“Since the letters “I” and “L” are visually similar, it had to be explored thoroughly to end up with a good solution.”

“Also, it’s unusual to see a good monogram formed by just an “I” and an “L,” which opened fresh opportunities for me to explore and play around with the letters.”

“A few years ago, my hobby was to paint. After I switched my passion from art to digital instead of using brushes and canvases, I started to love using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Hence, the idea for the realization of my monogram.”


Modern Typography

The main font used for the visual identity is Baskerville Old Face, which is also used for the construction of the logo.

Baskerville Old Face is an old-fashioned font that was transformed and revolutionized to create the logo and make it into a more modern symbol,” Ivano said.

“In a nutshell, it’s what I think every designer should do: have a strong knowledge of the culture and history of design and graphics as a basis. However, never stop updating continuously with current trends in design and technology to keep up with the times and to use their experience in new directions.”

“The secondary font, Cera Pro, is distilled from elementary shapes and brings simplicity, elegance and a certain warmth wherever a contemporary geometric typeface is needed.”

“It was chosen for its good readability and because it adds credibility to the context.”

Ivano Lago designer business cards


Majolica-inspired Pattern & Earthy Tones

For the colour palette, Ivano used green, inspired by the olive trees found abundantly in Sicily, and the yellow of the sun.

Regarding the pattern arrangement, it was slightly modified from Ivano’s previous design.

He explained, “I changed the arrangement in this way because I believe that, especially in the central part, the movement is much more fluid and harmonious.”

“The logo, rotating 360°, transforms into a texture that recalls Sicilian baroque majolica, as well as the colors used, which recall those of my homeland.”

Ivano Lago texture


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards have not yet been printed, but if they were, Ivano would have them printed on a premium 400gsm textured matte card.

“This is to give the business cards a heavier, denser, well-constructed feel, adding value to them.”

“The front logo will have more depth through an embossed printing technique. And I was thinking about adding coloured edges to the cards as well, most probably yellow (from the logo).”

Overall, it’s a clean and professional business card design that effectively presents the card owner’s preference for simplicity and attention to details.


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