In The Twine business card

In the Twine Fashion Business Card

Marietta Todorova designed these business cards for In the Twine, a collaboration between two friends, passionate about crafting handmade and eco-friendly accessories, bags and gifts.

Marietta’s clients needed a brand identity that represents their craftsmanship in a friendly way and sets them apart from their competitors.

In The Twine bags
“The name of the company has a deep meaning for them so the logo had to reflect that,” Marietta said, “The logomark combines the structure of the twine, the idea of the intertwining threads, and the double ‘t’ for the two of them, visualized symmetrical as a reference to their equality. The customized sans-serif logotype incorporates elements of the mark contributing to the full lock-up.”

In the twine logo
According to Marietta, the founders at In the Twine love to use and experiment with a lot of patterns in their designs. So, inspired by the fabric, twelve unique textures were created and used in countless combinations across the visual identity.

In The Twine tags
“The design of the business cards represents a combination between the corporate colours and textures, creating six different back designs – three for each of the company’s founders. The goal is when giving away, customers alone to choose their preferred combination, which creates brand commitment and potential interest in the offered products.”

These business cards were printed by ID Print on eco white recycled 300gsm paper, accentuating on the mission of the company for environmentally friendly production.

All in all, this is a colourful, unique business card design that leaves a lasting impression!

In The Twine business cardsIn The Twine stationery In The Twine stationery2In The Twine packing

Designed by Marietta Todorova – Brand Identity & Lettering Freelance Designer

Printed by ID Print (Sofia, Bulgaria)

For In the Twine

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