Impact Gifts business cards

Impact Gifts Business Card

Studio Fable designed these business cards for Impact Gifts, a company that specializes in curating premium and conscious gift boxes for corporates.

The business card design is minimal yet elegant. The delicate typography and colours perfectly embody the brand’s vision. Not only to provide impactful and thoughtful gifts but also to be a brand that supports sustainability.


The Brand’s Mission

Impact Gifts was founded when the brand owner realized about 50% of all corporate’s gifts are discarded within two years.

By offering thoughtfully curated gift boxes, Impact Gifts gives back to the people and the planet through items like plantable seed pens, upcycled tea cups and incense sticks made from temple flower waste.

Impact Gifts’ goal is to start a chain reaction through conscious gift-giving. They do this by empowering female artisans, helping local farmers, and donating a portion of their profits to help girls in rural India get an education.


Logo Design & Typography

The logo’s minimalism and sophistication make it all the more impactful. It was designed to harmonise with the wordmark’s delicate ligatures.

“The mnemonic connotes waves of change that cause ripples, making a lasting impact through the art of good gifting,” said Sakshi Jalan, the founder of Studio Fable.

The typeface used for the logotype is a modified version of Lust Sans.

“The brand is a minimal and luxe corporate gifting brand. Hence, a simple and elegant font went well with the brand values.”

“We decided to add some flair to it by adding ligatures so that the wordmark can be used in isolation without the mnemonic and not look too simple.”

Impacts gifts logo and typographyImpacts gifts logo


Elegant Colour Palette

According to Sakshi, the majority of the brand’s competitors used black and gold. While they didn’t want to stand out entirely, they did want to make a mark within the category.

“We wanted to be luxurious and have our golds and silvers, but explore other elegant colors they could work with metallic colours instead of just black.”

“We developed a range of different colours that justified the brand’s positioning as elegant and luxe.”


Multiple Card Designs and Business Card Printing

These business cards come in two versions, one of which features a subtle logo on the contact side of the card.

“The client really liked the mnemonic and wanted a version of the business card with the design on it, so we decided to use it as a subtle element on one of the options,” Sakshi said.

These business cards haven’t been printed yet, but if they were, Sakshi suggested having them printed on 300gsm fine art paper.

The brand’s packaging is equally high-end, with silver foiling on a matte finish for the gift boxes. They show the concept of ripple and domino effects that the brand’s mission can cause.


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Designed by Studio Fable

For Impact Gifts

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