Iisa Amalia Michael Digital Designer Business Card

Iisa Amalia Digital Designer Business Card

Iisa Amalia Michael designed these business cards for her personal branding as a print and digital designer based in Cyprus.

It might not be easy to build a personal identity, but it will be useful for a designer to treat themselves like a client, which is exactly what Iisa did for her own branding.

“I went through the exact process I’ve used with clients and I got feedback from designers and friends,” Iisa said.

“First of all, you need to know who you are as a brand: what are your mission, values, and personality.”

“Also, it is helpful understanding your target audience, in order to conclude to a design that will be profitable.”

“For creative graphic design inspiration, I prefer Behance and Pinterest, where you can discover awesome creative work.”

Iisa’s visual identity is unique and highly recognizable due to the isometric illustration and geometric lines she used to portray her branding.

“I chose the isometric perspective for my illustration because I found it a trendy approach: creating an isometric illustration to pursue my business card,” Iisa said.

“My design follows a minimalistic style, with geometric lines.”

“In the front I used the golden ratio grid where the basic contact details can be placed.”

“An old, ‘hipster’ approach due to the font type that I used, was to create a visual identity which combines different styles.”

These business cards are not yet printed but if they were, lisa suggested, “Texture paper is an exciting way to bring interest to your business cards, but I would prefer my business cards to be printed on 14-point thick matte cardstock.”

“Cardstock paper lends a sense of quality, tend to be sturdier and look better for longer.”


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Designed by Iisa Amalia Michael

For Iisa Amalia Michael personal branding

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