HR Maniacs business cards

HR Maniacs Recruitment Business Card

Blurbstudio designed these business cards for HR Maniacs, a recruitment agency established in 2018. Their mission is to help clients to grow their business by providing the best talents from the market.

HR Maniacs wanted their business cards to be memorable when contacting prospects and candidates.

“We wanted the HR brand to look very different from an industry that seemed very cautious about using colour,” explained Miłosz Burczyk, the Project Manager of Blurbstudio.

HR Maniacs2

Colours & Typography

The business card design is bold, modern and no doubt, stands out from the competitors in the industry.

Speaking of the colour palette, Miłos continued, “We thought we would start by choosing intense and interesting paper colours that would catch the eye.” This includes Pop’set papers, while Mirror paper is used to complement the branding and make printed materials stand out.

“The typography used is called Maxeville and it adds even more variety to this simple layout. At the same time, it seemed very characteristic and not often used at the moment. The typeface’s characteristic – with very large diacritical marks – seemed to be an interesting diversification of this grotesque typeface.”

“Because of the distinctive and bold brand name, we decided on a logotype consisting only of typography with underlining. Other elements in the logo seemed redundant.”

HR Maniacs colour palette

Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed by Mellow Printhouse, a printing service in Kraków, Poland.

According to Miłos, card-printing was the biggest challenge in the project as some experimentations needed to be made.

“The ‘CEO’ lettering underneath the text was printed in white colour on a HP Indigo. Due to the fact that it has different paper substrates, it looks a little different on each one of them, which gives a very interesting personalized look to each business card.”

“To achieve this effect, we used white colour (on a HP Indigo), but we covered this substrate only 3 times (normally we do it 4 times), so we got a slight transparency in this project.”

Overall, this is an interesting and contemporary business card design that not only comes in variety but gives a lasting impression as well!


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Designed by Blurbstudio

Printed by Mellow

For HR Maniacs

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