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Hotel Colee Business Card: Timeless & Inviting

Matchstic designed these business cards for Hotel Colee, an award-winning hotel located in the vibrant heart of Buckhead, Atlanta.

Hotel Colee is a trendy destination that caters to a diverse audience, from discerning business travellers to locals seeking a fashionable staycation. Travel + Leisure even tagged it as one of the “World’s Best” in 2021, and Jezebel Magazine crowned it the “Best Atlanta Staycation Destination.”

Obviously, there’s so much more to Colee than just an accommodation alone. Let’s find out how the entire brand identity came to be and the striking business card design that comes with it.


Naming & Brand Image

Matchstic came up with the name Hotel Colee, which, according to them, is a handle that feels feminine and cheerful without sounding childish.

Hotel Colee is all about being dynamic, stylish, exuding confidence and never missing a chance to celebrate. Think Southern hospitality meets youthful energy.

It’s like an open invitation for the dapper, dashing, and delightful to soak in an atmosphere where self-expression is the daily norm.

The business card design mirrors this essence, offering a little snapshot of Hotel Colee’s lively brand image.

Hotel Colee logo


Typography & Colours

Matchstic chose a bold font for the logotype, and it also has a playful vibe to it. The visual identity is then complemented by a secondary font, a lighthearted script, that adds a burst of energy to Hotel Colee’s distinctive style.

As for the colour palette, it’s a vibrant symphony of warm orange tones, luscious yellows, pinks, deep greens and blues. The harmonious combinations of these colours bring out the brand’s enthusiastic and inviting atmosphere.


Pattern Design

And the patterns on the business cards? Picture vintage-inspired details – signature flourishes, swashes, and filigree – all blending seamlessly with a modern twist.

Those stylish patterns cover the background, creating multiple versions of cards that are just amazing to look at (and choose from, of course)!

The contact info side keeps it minimal, with the brand name curved in an arch. What a nice contrast that ties the whole design together!

All in all, this is an outstanding business card design that manages to be both timeless and revolutionary. Way to go to give Hotel Colee a unique brand identity that visually screams, “Come join the party!”


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Designed by Matchstic

For Hotel Colee

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