Haruka Niizeki business cards

Haruka Niizeki Prop Stylist Business Card

Noda Kumiko designed these business cards for Haruka Niizeki, a freelance prop stylist and decorator based in Japan.

Haruka’s art production abilities are mainly used in movies, graphics, and advertisements.

“Haruka’s decorations and styling are often pop and bright, but she also has the delicacy to make each prop by her own hands,” Noda said.

“Therefore, I wanted to express both of these wonderful aspects of her on the business card.”

The business cards are clean and simple, yet don’t hide from the fact that there are some creative elements within that will certainly spark people’s interest in knowing more about her brand.


The Number “2” in the Logo Design

For instance, Haruka’s business card incorporates a subtle number “2” that can be seen (and felt) from both sides of the card.

According to Noda, the number “2” is an important aspect of Haruka’s name, which eventually led to it becoming her brand’s logo.

The number “2” in the logo motif is a symbol of the number “22” in Haruka’s own trade name, 22works.

The pronunciation of the number “2” in Japanese is “ni”, which coincidentally sounds the same as the brand’s owner, Niizeki’s, last name as well!

Then, instead of lining up the “2” side by side as they are, Noda wanted to give her client a richer and more creative image by inverting them instead. What a clever and interesting visual impact!

Haruka Niizeki namecard


Stylish Typography and Colour Palette

The typeface Noda used for the logotype is called Voyage by VJ TYPE, a typeface studio in Paris.

“I had always wanted to use this typeface for a long time,” Noda explained. “I think it’s perfect for this brand because I thought that the glamour and sharpness of this typeface would be highly compatible with the client and her work.”

Indeed, the font’s stylish yet delicate appearance further enhanced the brand’s image. As for the brand’s colour palette, Noda continued,

“The client chose two of her favourite colours – green and pink – from among several paper choices.”

“We wanted the client to enjoy using different colours depending on her mood and the mood of the client to whom she is giving the business card.”

Haruka Niizeki namecards


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Niwa Shigyo, a printing company located in Osaka, Japan.

“The paper used for printing was Colorplan, a fine paper that’s relatively thick and has many colours,” Noda said.

“The logo was embossed. We thought that a business card with an uneven surface and a texture that could be enjoyed would express an image closer to what the client values in their work.”


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Haruka Niizeki business card

Designed by Noda Kumiko

Printed by Niwa Shigyo

For Haruka Niizeki

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