Glam business card

Glam Hair Stylist Business Card

Xavier Esclusa Trias designed these business cards for Glam, a unisex hairdresser located in the center of Vic, Barcelona.

“Glam offers a wide space where you can relax, have your hair cut or have your nails done. It’s modern, daring, different and with the best professionals at your service,” Xavier said.

Glam Hair stylist interior Glam logo construction
Xavier managed the branding project including naming, designing the visual identity and campaign.

“The corporate identity has focused on the power of typography: Hair + Comb + G = GLAM. It’s a direct and clear message where the brand tells us right away that it is a hairstylist salon. The brand also uses powerful, innovative colours that stand out above all.”

These business cards were offset-printed by Artyplan.

Glam Hair stylist business cards Glam Hair Stylist Glam Hair Stylist pins Glam bag design

Designed by Xavier Esclusa Trias

Printed by Artyplan

For Glam Hair Stylist

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