Ginger Rudolph Art Curator Business Card: Bold & Vibrant

Smith & Diction designed these business cards for Ginger Rudolph, a curator, mentor, writer, and advisor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Ginger is a diplomatic, proactive professional who is focused on finding solutions. Her creative thinking has led her to work with artists from different fields for years.

Her work includes art curation, artist relations, and coordination of special art projects, partnering with artistic and cultural organisations in Philadelphia and beyond.

The brand identity needs to reflect Ginger’s active role in the city’s artist community and her support for the arts. This is when Smith & Diction came into the picture by creating an eye-catching logo (and business cards) for Ginger that is incredibly stylish!


Brand Image

The whole visual identity exudes a French-chic vibe, and it’s perfect for revitalising a brand that aims to make waves in art curation and mentorship.

Mike Smith, co-founder of Smith & Diction, emphasised Ginger’s desire for a memorable design that prompts curiosity.

“Ginger wanted to create something that stood out. Something that when she handed it out, it really made people stop to look at it and say, ‘Wow, I need to know more about this woman.’”

“So, we set out to make it feel very different than most other business cards. Bold and confident yet elegant and mysterious.”

Ginger Rudolph art curator business card_1



One of the most striking elements of the business card is none other than its typography. According to Mike, the logotype is designed using the Bourbon St typeface from Typeverything.

He explained, “We used this to represent the unique and exciting nature of the field that Ginger is in.”

“She helps represent all kinds of artists. So, we wanted to use something that had a beautiful artistic flair to it. It almost feels Parisian in a way, and we loved that.”

As for the genius idea behind the typography arrangement, Mike claimed that the oversized and cropped typography is a move they use often.

“I joke that it’s not a Smith & Diction brand until we have a script typeface turned sideways and cropped off the edges.”

Smith & Diction is all about attention to details. Apart from the brilliant font choice, they modified the ligature of the word “office” (from the Tangier font) in the most creative way possible.

They used the pencil tool to extend the lines and smoothed out the segment more than a hundred times until it looked right.

The “ff” ligature is so perfectly merged that it adds a whole lot of personality to Ginger’s branding. If that’s not dedication, we don’t know what is!

Ginger Rudolph art curator logo


Colour Palette & Business Card Printing

The orange and white colour palette is used throughout the brand identity to mirror Ginger’s vibrant personality.

Mike said, “Ginger is a very bright person, she lights up any room she walks into, not only with her personality but with her style.”

“Therefore, we wanted to create a brand that was just as bright as she was, and red-orange felt like the perfect choice!”

MOO printed these business cards on Luxe Cards. These business cards express a whimsical yet polished quality that brings out the timeless nature of Ginger’s brand!


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Designed by Smith & Diction

Printed by MOO

For Ginger Rudolph

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