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Gen-ES Digital Platform Business Card

Daniel Ligero designed these business cards for Gen-ES, a digital platform where entrepreneurs share how they’ve developed their brands or projects, including the process, times before success and how they’ve overcome failures or obstacles.

“Gen-ES is about young Spaniards entrepreneurs with ideas, projects and brands that are about to start with stunning stories. The brand name, Gen-ES, is a surname or short name from ‘Spanish Generation’, which is a movement as well,” Daniel said.

Gen-ES logoGen-ES envelope
The business card is designed to be clean and simple: with a sans serif font and a minimal colour palette, using just three colours – cherry red, smoke black and grey.

“Taking the worldwide shipping aesthetics references, l developed a minimal design using an envelope and tape with the logo. The ‘talent’ (from the story shared by the entrepreneur) is considered as a ‘material’ and it deserves the same treatment as shipping. I even developed an honest and industrial aesthetics to represent that.”

Gen-ES business card
Another unique element for the Gen-ES business card design is the blur effect on the back of the card. It actually has a special meaning behind it, about how hidden talent becomes clear once the entrepreneur tells his/her story.

“The blur effect was applied to express the idea of the ‘unfocused talent’ that turns visible when their voice acts on this platform. When the entrepreneur talks about the projects and their success stories, their talent comes out from the shade and starts shinning.”

These business cards were printed on Old Mill (Fedrigoni papers) uncoated paper by Nova Era, a printing company in Barcelona.

Gen-ES business cardsGen-ES stationeryGen-ES documentGen-ES branding_tapeGen-ES stationery Gen-ES_tapesGen-ES mobile

Designed by Daniel Ligero

Printed by Nova Era

For Gen-ES

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