Garten by Jochen Hohmann business card

Garten by Jochen Hohmann Gardener Business Card

Kira Bausch designed these business cards for Jochen Hohmann, a German-based gardener.

“Jochen designs unique and individual gardens, balconies and patios. His work follows the philosophy: a garden shouldn’t be just a place with nice flowers and plants. It shall be a ‘full year experience. A place that has its charm throughout the whole year’,” Kira explained when been asked about the business nature of her client.

GBJH Logo PatternGBJH-Businesscards 1

Jochen approached Kira for the branding project, asking her to design a brand identity that emphasizes the individuality of his work, just like his gardens.

“I illustrated different plants and leafs, and combined them to create a unique pattern for the visual identity,” Kira said.

“The client’s garden designs are influenced by different cultures. He loves to include Asian and exotic elements in his garden. That’s why I decided to use plants from different countries in my pattern, for instance, an Asian gingko leaf or a typical German oak leaf.”

GBJH-Businesscards - LogoGBJH Icons

The colour palette that Kira chosen reflects the seasons of the year: a fresh green for the spring, warm yellow for the summer and blue for autumn/winter. A single logomark was created by using the letter ‘G’ from the main logo.

These business cards were printed in 4C using letterpress printing technique by Druckerei Eisenhardt in Frankfurt, Germany.

“In my opinion, paper choice is the most important thing about a good business card. I chose Gmund cotton paper as the paper material for these cards, which has a very special tactile effect,” Kira added.

GBJH-StationeryGBJH-Businesscards - Logo 1GBJH-LetterheadGBJH Tote bagGarden Logo

Designed by Kira Bausch

Printed by Druckerei Eisenhardt

For Jochen Hohmann (Garten by Jochen Hohmann)

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